Exeter UFO Festival 2011
Exeter, New Hampshire
The Dolans and Tim Binnall
Kathy Marden
Jeff and Jess Finn
Stanton Friedman
Debbie Hewins, mois, Audrey Hewins
Jeremy Vaeni and Tina Sena
Rich Dolan, Debbie Hewins and mois
A surprised Audrey Hewins
All the way from Virginia UFO researcher Shepherd Johnson
The kids had fun too! Just ask Miranda from the planet Maine
I wonder what he did wrong?
On a beautiful hot New Hampshire September day a crowd gathered for the 3rd Annual UFO Festival in Exeter
Fun in Founders Park
Aw she made him cry
If I was a better photographer I would have done a nicer job of this picture and not have cropped off Trixie the Alien Pug's owner's face..sorry