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PIF lands strongly, leading the innovation, PNSHAR joins the packers together in Guangzhou

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May 18th-20th, 2017, 2017 China FMCG Packaging Innovation Summit Forum (PIF Packaging Innovation Summit Forum) held in Hilton Hotel, Guangzhou, China. As one of the sponsors, GM of PNSHAR, Seaman Su & market manager Chen Haixia attended the meeting.

All of the business owners of the main FMCG brands in the domestic market (The bosses of 72 companies of top 100 attended in the meeting.), important daily chemical enterprises and big FMCG packaging enterprises participated in this meeting. Not only the overseas returnee professors and young doctors of Jiangnan University, Beijing Printing college, Jinan University, Guangxi University, Zhengzhou University, Xinan University, Shanghai Ocean University were invited to participate in the discussion, but also attracted the foreign guests from USA, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, and Chinese Taiwan guests to exchange the ideas.

Considering three issues of this meeting: the sustainable packaging, FMCG packaging innovation trends and consumer packaging experience, to interpreted China FMCG packaging future trends and direction, to guide the packaging suppliers to help terminal brand enterprises to develop the products with better consumer experience and feeling, to improve the market performance, and ultimately promote all the packaging industry china healthy development.

Dr. Tamal Ghosh, Omya, Singapore




The organization forms of this forum are rich and vivid, not only passed the innovation trends, design ideas, but also a good guide to the remodeling value of the whole industry chain. Forum adopted the special lecture, new product conference, gold 60s, brainstorming, group discussion, free talk etc, to analyse the China FMCG industry supply & demand, consumer value chain in the existing problems and the future of icebreaking tour.

Brainstorming ? How to make FMCG really fast consumption?


Group discussion ? What package do the consumers want?

The main conclusion of this forum are as follows:
(1)The sustainable packaging has become the focus of the global brand, the development of sustainable packaging which can meet economic, environmental protection and specific social scenarios has become an important trend.
(2)The dislocation of the tripartite value among the current packaging industry supply, demand and consumers is the main bottleneck which is impacting industry in-depth sustainable development, so that the three parties to find the common value demands, is to promote long-term development of this industry, that is the most effective means.
(3)Consumer packaging experience has become one of the key issues for the FMCG brands, so that consumers get one better packaging experience, so that end products get better market performance, to promote the supplier’s better R&D and innovation, that is the only way for China’s packaging industry.
Big men gathered to build the platform for production and research, analyse and find the industry pain points, analyse the industry’s future trend, lead the China packaging innovation, PNSHAR as the domestic excellent testing equipment supplier, and as one of the sponsors of this event, will make persistent efforts to start from our own, to contribute our strength to China’s packaging industry.